Aaviskaar through the eyes of a volunteer:

“Somewhere in between this doodling, discussing, story-telling and sitting still, learning happens effortlessly, without intimidation.”

Surabhi Yadav
Research Scholar
IIT, Delhi


About Aavishkaar Science Mela:

“Well presented, giving a “wow” factor. A well balanced mixture of interactive and demonstration activities. It was such a great oppurtunity for the teachers as well as children to get involved with science, especially something so different and fun. The children were totally engaged by the variety of science experiments, brilliantly delivered, in a lively entertaining and educational way. Hats off to Aavishkaar team for inspiring and enlightening workshop.”

Sanjeev Acharya
Govt Senior Secondary School
Averi, Baijnath, Himachal

“It is a matter of realization of things in their perfect color and shade. We witnessed and realized that how science can be taught with least expenditure and effort. Students who hardly ever used to participate or learn, participated, learnt and explained the difficult principles of science in their own simple language with perfect ease. Must say Aavishkaar NGO is doing a great service in the field of teaching science by letting people realize, how simple it is.”

Avinash Chander
Govt High School
Jandpur, Baijnath, Himachal