Aavishkaar On the Move

Aavishkaar travels to different government and private schools on invitation to share their enthusiasm for hands-on science and math through:

  • Science and Math Melaa: These are four hour (spread over two days = 2+2) program where Aavishkaar team visits a school, and works with about 50 students to share science and math hands-on models.The students then exhibit and explain the models to the rest of the school on the second day. These models are mostly created using easily available materials. The goal is to make science fun, familiar, accessible and easy to understand.
  • Science Workshops: These are two hour sessions on understanding fundamental science/math ideas, with many hands-on models and experiments. The goal is to make the basic science/math concepts evident.
  • Science Clubs: These are hands-on science modeling and understanding groups setup in the interested schools. They are supported in their work through ideas, materials and competitions.The goal is help sustain interest in science through activities.
  • Libraries at Schools:  Aavishkaar encourages and facilitates schools to set up libraries.

tatehal2 math mela jandpur

wheel School Mela group magnets magnet sarit Science Mela group2
Viveka Mela Aavishkaar at Nangal Girls explaining