On Campus Programs

On campus programs are mainly divided into following categories:

  • Aavishkaar Machaan: This is our two hour long Sunday series, which happens every Sunday from 11:00am to 1:00pm. We take on a topic selected by us, or requested by the student community where we do a demonstrational or hands-on program. Here we work on many concepts of Matha and Science, as well as Arts.
  • Engineering Design Challenge: These hands-on project based sessions gives students a chance of trying out the theoretical concepts into real life designs. The students get┬áto design a product, build it, and actually put it through a stress test.
  • Science and Math Camps: These are intensive residential camp for group size of 10 to 20 students who are immersed into this experience for as little as a week or a month depending on the request of the group.
  • Teacher Training: These are two day long workshops where we discuss student centered education. How to set up the physical space for learning, how to make a lesson plan, how to encourage questions, how to facilitate discussions and how to explore solutions together. The goal is to make the classroom a fun, interesting and challenging space.
  • Workshops and conference on education related issues: Aavishkaar hosts a few workshops/conference to share knowledge with the education community, as well as nurture the young change makers who want to join this field.
  • Library: Aavishkaar has established a library to encourage a culture of reading and research as part of student centered education. It has a collection of more than 6000 hand picked books in Hindi and English.

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